Wedding gown dry cleaning

4 Risks involved with self cleaning wedding gowns

Would you like to take the risk of cleaning your wedding gown in East London? If you think, cleaning your own item would save you loads of money – you are wrong. There are too many risks involved with self-cleaning, especially if the item is costly.

In that case, if you’re looking for an affordable dry cleaning service, Touch of Class Dry Cleaners is here to help you. They are one of the finest service provider of dry cleaning in East London. With an impeccable service record in dry cleaning, they also offer shoe repair East London.

Products to Buy

Cleaning a regular shirt isn’t equivalent to cleaning a wedding gown in East London. If you have a dress with sequins or feathers attached to it, you need different kinds of products for cleaning. Your regular box of detergent would not be helpful for delicate items. You might have to spend a ton on buying the materials required for self cleaning. These items are often not readily available in the supermarket. Even after buying these products, there is no guarantee that you would receive flawless results in the end. One wrong step and you risk losing your precious dress forever.

Steps Involved

Self cleaning is a tedious task. You need to be precise in your work to be able to get desired results. If you think reading only the label for instructions would suffice, you are wrong. Every item should be measured before they are used. In fact not all detergents are suitable for all kinds of items. Purple and blue coloured detergent could leave a stain on your items. You might end up using too much bleach on your cloth. There are so many risks involved if you fail to follow the correct order of using the products bought.

Time management

Self cleaning is very time consuming. The process becomes even more tiresome when you need to figure out the process and products. It could take you hours to get your items cleaned. In spite of spending an hour or more on one dress, you might not feel satisfied with the end result. 


All of the products required for dry cleaning can be extremely expensive. If you are going to use it for once, it is advisable that you do not buy at all. These products perish very easily. Not only will your money go to waste but also your energy. 

Now, let us determine the reasons of why should you switch to professional help for dry cleaning your expensive clothes:

  1. Retains the quality
  2. Maintains the sequins, feathers or any delicate design
  3. Saves a lot of time
  4. Specialists know what kind of detergent is suitable for different materials
  5. They are experts in this field of work
  6. No extra expense is required. You are only expected to pay for the service.

There are several dry cleaning shops in East London. If your search is still on, you should contact Touch of Class Dry Cleaners. Read more online blogs to educate yourself on the utilities of dry cleaning your wedding gown in East London and nearby areas.